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Walk in the Clouds: Inside the Meso-American Cloud Forest (260-921)

Saturday September 21, 2-3:30pm

Discover the secrets of the Cloud Forests in this informative tour with head curator Don Mahoney. The Garden is the only place besides Meso-America where you can walk outside among these plants, many rare and endangered. Find tasty fuchsia berries, and learn about medicinal plants and how these rare plants came to San Francisco and what is happening to these magical places in the wild.

About the Meso-American Cloud Forest:
High above the tropical rain forests in Central and South America, the landscape rises to elevations upwards of 6,500 feet, the close tropical air cools to mist and fog and reveals an abundance of mosses, ferns and epiphytes. Amidst a backdrop of every shade of green imaginable, high moisture levels and cool year-round temperatures sustain plants that vie for precious sunlight. Here in San Francisco, conditions are ripe for cloud forest plants. We have mild temperatures and, especially in summer, plenty of fog. We started planting our Mesoamerican Cloud Forest in 1984. Over the decades, this garden has matured to represent a typical cloud forest plant community.

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Fuchsia boliviana

Instructor Joseph Barbaccia
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Notes Saturday September 21, 2-3:30pm  
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