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Point Lobos Plant Communities (202-231)

Thu, Apr 3, 7:30pm

Point Lobos is comprised of rich and diverse plant associations, some of which are quite rare and found in few other places on earth. This program is a virtual walk through these communities from Northern Coastal Prairie in Hudson Meadow, through Monterey Pine forest, Monterey Cypress, Northern Coastal Scrub, Coastal Bluff vegetation, and into the intertidal zones. Characteristics of these communities and their components, and their interdependence on other species within the communities will be discussed and illustrated. Rosemary originally created this program for the Point Lobos docent training program, a diverse group with varied interests, few of whom were trained botanists. Her intention was to help them to start thinking beyond wildflowers, and to begin to think about the plant communities—associations, differences in exposure to the ocean, soils, etc. We think this will be of interest to many of our members, both because of the concepts and because of the especially interesting Point Lobos plant communities.

The program, which also includes lots of pretty pictures, begins at Highway 1 and proceeds toward the ocean. We hope to follow the talk with an early summer field trip which, if scheduled, will be announced in our next newsletter.

Rosemary is a long-time member, past president, and current Chapter Council representative of the CNPS Monterey Bay Chapter. She has been a Point Lobos docent for 19 years. She studied horticulture and botany at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the 1980s. For the past twenty years, she has been researching the life and works of Lester Rowntree (about whom she presented a program for us in October 1998). Her 720-entry bibliography of Rowntree’s published periodical articles was recently published by UC Press in a reprint of Rowntree’s Hardy Californians.

Instructor Rosemary Foster
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Notes Thu, Apr 3, 7:30pm  
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