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The History of Gardening in the United States (203-236)

Mon, Mar 17, 7:00pm

In this lecture, Jenny Rose Carey, Director of the Landscape Arboretum at Temple University, Ambler, PA, and Garden Historian, will present an overview of the more than 400 years of known gardening history in the United States of America. Jenny Rose was born in London, England to a family of gardeners and botanists, and has lived in the United States for twenty years. She has traveled the country looking at and photographing gardens, looking at the subject with an outsider’s eye.

This lecture will start with the sketchy details of the pre-colonial gardens, leading on through the early subsistence gardens to gardens designed purely for pleasure not food. Each era of American History has produced distinctive gardens that are in keeping with the socioeconomic climate of the times. Some of the early gardens, such as Monticello and Mount Vernon, have influenced gardens across America. Others show a distinctive regional style that could be found nowhere else.

What are the differences between a Colonial Garden and one that is termed Colonial Revival? How did Victorian thinking in Europe and America change the gardens that were produced? How did women at the turn of the last century help to change American gardens drastically? What is an American garden? Is there such a thing? These and many other questions will be discussed.

Using images from the past and present and from across America, including some from the Archives of American Gardens at The Smithsonian, Jenny Rose will help you understand how contemporary garden design is influenced by gardens of the past.

Instructor Jennifer Rose Carey
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Notes Mon, Mar 17, 7:00pm  
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