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Early-Autumn Skies (206-209)

Fri, Oct 5, 7:30pm--9:00pm

Summer has ended...the days are growing shorter and the nights longer. In their slow trek against the stars, three of the five naked-eye planets have moved into the morning sky, and another - Mercury - is quickly disappearing into the sunset. The giant planet Jupiter is still prominent, however, with its belted atmosphere and multiple moons, hovering against the lingering Summer constellations Scorpius and Sagittarius. The Summer Triangle remains visible overhead just after sunset, as does mighty Hercules.

A laser-guided tour of the constellations is supplemented by telescopic observation of star clusters and nebulae, and sharp-eyed observers might even spot a meteor or a satellite! Dress warmly and bring binoculars and a red-colored flashlight, if you have them. Sunset is at 6:47 pm.

Observing cancelled in case of cloudy weather, but an indoor classroom lecture will be available.

Instructor Bing Quock
Fees MEMBERSHIP INFO Members $5 each or $10 for a family of four. Nonmembers $15 or $20 for a family of four. 
Notes Fri, Oct 5, 7:30pm--9:00pm  
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