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Cycads - Living Fossils (203-226)

Mon, Mar 19, 7:00pm--9:00pm

Cycad Horticultural Practices - Preservation through Propagation: How to preserve and not kill the endangered species we are growing in our back yards.

Cycads are truly living fossils, having existed for nearly 280 million years on earth, since the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods. Many believe that cycads were a primary food of herbivorous dinosaurs. There are nearly 300 described species of these plants. Cycads are found mostly in tropical and subtropical areas of the world, primarily in central and southern Africa, Australia, South and Central America, the Caribbean, and throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands. Cycads have become very popular landscape plants over the past 15-20 years, as many people have come to appreciate their primitive and exotic beauty, as well as their rarity and value.

This beautifully illustrated program will include the challenges facing cycad growers, specifically how they propagate, germinate and grow these endangered species successfully. Maurice will detail the specifics of creating and building an endangered species nursery, and why this is different from typical nurseries. Specific things that all gardeners can do in their own backyards to preserve endangered species will be discussed.

Additionally, a limited selection of endangered species plants that can be grown in Northern California gardens will be available for purchase.

Instructor Maurice Levin
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Notes Mon, Mar 19, 7:00pm--9:00pm  
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