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How to Make and Use Biodiesel (201-101)

Fri, Dec 8, 9:00am--5:00pm

Is it really possible to transform everyday cooking oil into safe and reliable fuel? Yes -- and in this class you’ll learn everything you need to run your vehicle on 100% biodiesel. You’ll learn the whole process from testing the fuel, brewing the biodiesel, washing it, filtering it, and putting it in your vehicle.

In this hands-on class, you’ll also learn:

* How to make fuel from fresh cooking oil or restaurant waste oil
* How a biodiesel processor works
* How to maintain your biodiesel vehicle

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Instructor Jennifer Radtke
Fees MEMBERSHIP INFO members $120.00; nonmembers $120.00 
Notes Fri, Dec 8, 9:00am--5:00pm  
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