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Late Summer Skies (206-218)

Fri, Aug 25, 7:49pm

The stars of Summer are a grand sight: the Summer Triangle, Scorpius the Scorpion, and Sagittarius the Archer. Jupiter remains visible, low in the west after sunset, and we may have a chance to glimpse a 2-day old crescent Moon before it disappears behind the trees, then we'll look at the constellations and use a telescope to explore Jupiter's Moons and some of the Summer season's hidden treasures, such as distant nebulae, clusters, and multiple star systems. Even from the city, an occasional meteor or satellite is visible to sharp-eyed stargazers - dress warmly and bring a red-tinted flashlight to preserve your night-vision.

Instructor Bing Quock
Notes Fri, Aug 25, 7:49pm  
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